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Easy reading

The Little Match Girl - Hans Christian Andersen

Read the story and choose the best word for each gap:

It was very cold. The snow and it was dark. It was the last day of the . A little girl was in the street. Her name was Gretchen. She had no hat on. Her feet were . When she left home, she had on her mum's big . But they were so large that she lost them when she ran the street.

Gretchen had a lot of in her old . She had a little bunch in her hand. But she could not sell her matches. No one wanted to buy them. Poor little Gretchen! She was cold and hungry. The snow fell on her hair. But she did not think that. She saw in the houses. She good things cooking. She said to herself, "This is the last night of the year."

Gretchen got colder and colder. She was afraid to go home. She her daddy would whip her, if she did not give some to him. It was as cold at home as in the street. They were too poor to have a . They had to put rags in the to keep out the wind. Gretchen did not even have a bed. She had to sleep on a of rags.

She sat down on a door . Her little hands were almost . She took a match and lighted it to warm her hands. The match looked like a little . Gretchen she was by a big . It was so bright. She put the match her feet, to warm them. Then the light went out. She did not think that she was by the stove any more.

Gretchen lighted match. Now she thought she could look into a room. In this room there was a . On the table there was a white and pretty . There was a roast , too. It was cooked and ready to eat. The knife and were in his back. The turkey jumped from the dish and ran to the little girl. The light went out and she was in the cold and dark again.
Gretchen lighted another match. Then she thought she was by a tree. There were very many on the tree. It was full of pretty things. Gretchen put up her little hands. The light went out.

Then she saw a star fall. "Some one is ," said little Gretchen. Her good was dead, but she appeared in front of Gretchen. The grandma said, "When a star falls some one is going to God." The little girl lighted another match. It made a big light. Gretchen's grandma never looked so pretty . She looked so sweet and happy.
"Oh, grandma," said the little girl, " me with you. When the light out you will go away. The stove and the turkey and the Christmas tree all went away." Then Gretchen lighted a bunch of matches. She wanted to keep her grandma with her. The matches made a very bright light. The grandma took the little girl in her . They went up, up - where they would never be cold or hungry.

The day came. Some men a little girl in the street. She was . In her hand she had the matches.


Created by J. Brandecky, December 20, 2008.


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