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The Country Mouse and the City Mouse - Aesop

Read the story and choose the best word for each gap:

Once a little mouse who lived in the country a little mouse from the city to visit him. When the little city mouse sat down to dinner he was surprised. The country mouse had nothing to eat except and grain.
"Really," he said, "you do not live well at all; you should see how I live! I have all sorts of fine things to eat day. You must come to visit me and see how nice it is to live in the city."
The little country mouse was to do this, and after a while he went to the city to visit his friend.
The very place that the city mouse took the country mouse to see was the kitchen of the house where he lived. There, on the lowest , behind some stone jars, was a big paper bag of brown sugar. The little city mouse made a in the bag and invited his friend to eat.
The two little mice ate and ate, and the country mouse had a very good time. He thought that the city mouse was very , when suddenly the door opened with a bang and the cook came in to get some flour.
"Run!" whispered the city mouse. And they ran as fast as they could to the little hole. The little country mouse was very , but the little city mouse said, "That is nothing; she will soon go away and then we can go back."

After the cook went away and shut the door they came back, and this time the city mouse had new to show: he took the little country mouse into a corner on the top shelf, where a big jar of dried prunes stood open. They got a large dried prune out of the jar on to the and began to eat it. This was even better than the brown sugar. The little country mouse liked the taste so much that he couldn't eat so fast. But , in the middle of their eating, they could hear: ”MIAOUW!”
"What is that?" said the country mouse. The city mouse just whispered, "Shhh!" and ran as fast as he could to the hole. The country mouse ran as fast as he could, too. As as they were out of danger the city mouse said, "That was the old cat; she is the best mouse catcher in town. If she gets you, you are lost."
"This is very terrible," said the little country mouse; "I will not go back to the cupboard again."
"No," said the city mouse, "I will take you to the ; there is something special there."
So the city mouse took his little friend down the cellar stairs and into a big cupboard with many shelves. On the shelves there were jars of , and cheese in bags. There hung bunches of sausages, and there were spicy apples in standing in the cellar. It smelled very good. The country mouse ran along the shelf and ate cheese here, and a bit of butter there, until he saw an especially rich, very delicious piece of cheese. He wanted to into it, but the city mouse saw him.
"Stop! stop!" cried the city mouse. "That is a trap!"
The little country mouse stopped and said, "What is a trap?"
"That thing is a trap," said the little city mouse. "When you touch the cheese with your teeth something comes down on your head, and you're ."
The little country mouse looked at the trap, and he looked at the chese, and he looked at the little city mouse. "I think I will go home,” he said. ”I'd rather have barley and grain to eat and eat it in peace and , than have brown sugar and dried prunes and cheese,—and be frightened to death all the time!"
So the little country mouse went back to his home, and there he stayed all the rest of his life.


Created by J. Brandecky, December 21, 2008.


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